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Back-To-School Night a HIT!!!!!!

On Tuesday evening (9/12/17) over 70% of our parents joined us for 'Back-To-School' Night. This also happened to be the same date of our first parent meeting. GHSA doors opened at 5:00 PM at the boys' site located at 333 East Florence Avenue. Parents were given the opportunity to visit all the classrooms at the site where our 'young men of grace' attend school. The visit at the boys' site was from 5:00 until 5:30 PM. After a brief break, teachers began their presentations at Grace Hopper (601 Grace Avenue) at 5:45 PM. Grade level and subject matter presentations were rotated into throughout the evening.
 At Back-To-School night parents and guardians are given the opportunity to meet their child's teacher, meet the school's administration and other faculty, check out the school's facilities and learn a little more about what the school has to offer. The importance of attending Back-To-School night will nurture a healthier relationship with our parents and the child's teacher that will really go a long way. When a parent gets to know a teacher, they become more comfortable emailing and communicating with the teacher when their child has needs.
Grace Hopper would sincerely like to thank the parents for taking the time out to participate in this special night of events. We look forward to our upcoming parent meetings and events at Grace Hopper STEM Academy.