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Individual Learning Plan

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Every student at GHSA will have an individual learning plan—a document consisting of:

  • Course taking and post secondary plans aligned to career goals
  • Documentation of the range of college and career readiness skills that student has developed


A quality ILP enhances the relevance of school and out-of-school learning opportunities, and provides the student access to development opportunities that incorporate

  • Self-exploration
  • Career exploration, career planning and management
  • Skill building activities


The individualized learning plan is not a one-time activity but an ongoing process by which the student defines, explores and then refines his/her interests and goals throughout his/her educational journey.  The ILP documents a range of information specific to the student and his/her school and state that student, parent/guardian, and school personnel can use to guide decision making and monitor the student’s progress toward goals.


The student’s ILP is reviewed and signed by a parent/guardian on an annual basis.  Students can use LA ePortal (but not limited to) to:


  • Explore career clusters
  • Learn about graduation requirements, build a portfolio, research job opportunities
  • Create their Individualized Learning Plan.